Faith & Reason Ministries

Is Everything Predetermined According to Physical Law?

by John D. Callahan, Copyright © 1998 by Faith & Reason Ministries.

The Ring Nebula

No! God is infinite and therefore capable of creating a universe complex enough to allow free will to the creatures within it. However, our free will is limited in the sense that we cannot avoid all sin, but Jesus made it possible for us to choose eternal life and be forgiven. The first beings created (angels) were capable of choosing a sin-free existence. Some of them fell (Satan) billions of years ago before the creation of the physical universe (The Big Bang). This fall perverted the entire universe. God is not evil and could not have predestined the fall. God always knew it would happen though, because He is outside of space and time. However, it happened not because He ordained it, but because of the free-will choice of some of His created beings.

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