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What if Science Overcomes Death?

by John D. Callahan, Copyright © 1998 by Faith & Reason Ministries.

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Man has dreamt of immortality for a long time. Obviously we live in a biological body with preprogrammed aging factors, and most of us die within 100 years of birth. However, it is likely that science will one day be able to slow or stop the biological aging process. In addition we may be able to transfer our minds to androids someday and maintain them indefinitely.

But will we have cheated death and live forever? The answer is, surprising, no! The universe, though unimaginably vast, is finite. It is finite in its size, energy, and life. Therefore, either by its eventual collapse or its slow running down through increased entropy, it will end, and no force can resist dying with the universe.

The only path to immortality is to transcend the universe by going to its creator, God. It is perhaps not intuitively obvious (despite our intelligence) that God would provide a way for us to receive eternal life, but He has! True Christianity brings eternal life.

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